Vilnius University in Laser World of Photonics, Munich

Vilnius University participated in Munich on 24-27 June Laser World of Photonics, one of the world’s largest laser technology exhibitions. The Vilnius University stand presented a wide range of research and development technologies such as optical 3D micro- and nano-printing from soybean oil, glass-ceramic nanofabrication technology, photonic crystal microscopic laser and other research-based solutions. Together with the exhibition at the World of Photonics Congress, researchers from the Vilnius University Faculty for Physics, Laser Research Center presented their research at one of the world’s largest conferences.

D. Gailevičius presented two reports on photonic crystals, their modification and applications. Senior researcher at the Laser Research Center dr. Mangirdas Malinauskas presented a report on changing the properties of polymeric materials in nanoscale. “This is our joint work with Mangirdas Malinauskas. We have developed a technology that allows the polymer to change the properties of its material while maintaining its shape at high temperatures. During micro-processing, the product shrinks from semi-organic material to glass and later into ceramics. All these changes take place at the nano-level invisible to the human eye, ” said Gailevičius. Two more presentations were given by Simonas Varapnickas and Edvinas Skliutas.

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