For companies

ECOLABNET for companies interested in eco-innovations

Companies in the Baltic Sea Region have limited resources to invest in developing innovations. They might not possess the scale of expertise and infrastructures required in developing and commercializing eco-innovations .

Many research and development instituions in the region possess the expertise to develop solutions for companies. Ecolabnet will provide a platform for companies to access this expertise . In addition, it aims to enable active collaboration and dialogue between companies and research instituions.

What can companies achieve from the network?

Easy access to newest knowledge: Ecolabnet offers an easy and convenient to use tool for SMEs to access newest knowledge in ecological product development which is relevant for them.

Entry point: The services of Ecolabnet will be offered by business intermediary organizations in the country locally.

Best practices: Ecolabnet opens a window for SMEs to understand best practices in eco-innovations from experts in the field.

Holistic approach: The network follows a one-door strategy where all the translational expert services can be accessed with the help of the digital collaboration tool developed during the project.

Looking for inputs from SMEs

If you are a company interested in making your production process more environment-friendly, let us know your requirements by answering this questionnaire that we have developed.

You can answer the survey in Danish, English, Estonian, Finnish or Polish.