Month: April 2021

Lithuanian Business Confederation – a national committee of the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC*) and the largest business organization uniting service, trading and high-tech companies in Lithuania.

Writer: Deivydas Čepas  The confederation has wide variety of members. It represents more than 30 business associations and over 3500 companies. The main business areas of the organization are: high-tech, education and trainings, law, finance, logistics and other services. LBC aims to consolidate Lithuanian business and create a competitive economic environment for all innovative and result-oriented…
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Support on formation of sustainable, social responsible eco-innovation

An increasing part of the world population speaks about environmental pollution and social inequality! What is your company Paradigm? – Do you correlate with Darwin? “It is not the strongest of the species that survive nor the most intelligent – but the one most responsive to change.“ -Charles Darwin VIA University can challenge your present…
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From development to commercialisation – Bridging the gap

Writer: Nigel Claridge | Head of EU funding | Sustainable innovation Sustainable Innovation is a hub for the market upscaling of sustainable innovations in the areas of energy and resource efficiency. we focus on innovative and market-oriented solutions. We are driven by the practical development, demonstration and scaling up of solutions in national and international markets. Our…
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