ECOLABNET is a network of research, development and innovation service providers for supporting eco-innovations in manufacturing SMEs in the Baltic Sea region.

ECOLABNET increases knowledge about technologies, solutions and competences relevant in eco-innovation as among manufacturing SMEs, and fosters collaboration between RDI actors, intermediary organisations and SMEs to develop and commercialise eco-innovations.


Ecolabnet addresses the problem of lack of a professional network to provide consulting services in ecological product development for SMEs in the Baltic Sea Region. It develops a network of professionals who will sell their expertise in eco-friendly manufacturing processes to the SMEs. RDI experts in the Baltic Sea Region provide the solutions and services in the network.


Ecolabnet increases access to the knowledge of new product applications to the local SMEs in Baltic Sea Region. The aim is to change the delivery time for eco- innovations by providing access to knowledge network locally. At the same time, it aims to provide access to RDIs to local markets by offering a network for commercializing their expertises.


Ecolabnet applies knowledge available in RDIs of Baltic Sea Region to the manufacturing SMEs to support their competitiveness. The current areas of expertise offered by RDIs in the network include additive manufacturing using bio based materials, material testing for bio composites, product prototyping, product design, service design, life cycle analysis, eco-branding and business model development.

Key objectives

Foster eco-innovation in collaboration with RDI service providers, manufacturing SMEs and intermediary organisations


New partnerships between Ecolabnet members will become more than just collaboration to develop sustainable eco-innovations. It is about promotion of equal responsibilities to reach the highest results that could not be accomplished independently. To reach this goal, the network will involve multidisciplinary actors from public and private sectors, which operate at regional, national, and international levels: universities, enterprises, and intermediary organisations in order to support cross-sectoral and multilevel approach. Established network will aim at efficient and engaging progress.


ECOLABNET will strengthen collaboration between RDI organisations, intermediary organisations, and SMEs across the countries of BSR by creating understanding about the needs of both private and public actors. The project will increase knowledge about transnational collaboration, the special competences and facilities required in sustainable innovation as well as creating practices for developing sustainable innovations with RDI facilities, intermediary organisations, and SMEs


 Cross-sectoral and multilevel approach will boost close collaboration opportunities between intermediary actors, SMEs and RDIs that will end up in development of several practical solutions to foster innovation uptake by SMEs. In addition, network will encourage experimentation with new sustainable approaches, which will be tested in practice through pilot cases supported by RDI members.