Research and development institutions engage in cutting edge research and develop superior technological solutions in  the laboratory. However, to commercialize eco-innovative solutions developed in the lab active collaborations with SMEs are needed.

Ecolabnet aims to develop a network for RDIs to offer their high-level expertise , infrastructures and access to international networks  to industrial SMEs. The network aims to develop skills for RDIs to engage in active dialogue and collaboration with SMEs.


Ecolabnet addresses the problem of lack of a professional network to provide consulting services in eco-product development for SMEs in Baltic Sea Region. It will develop a network of professionals who will sell their expertise in eco-friendly manufacturing processes to the SMEs. RDI experts in the Baltic Sea Region provide the solutions in the network.


The aim of Ecolabnet is to increase access to the knowledge of new product applications to the local SMEs in Baltic Sea Region.  The aim is to change the delivery time for eco- innovations by providing access to knowledge network locally. At the same time, it aims to provide access to RDIs to local markets by offering a network for commercializing their expertises.


Ecolabnet aims to apply knowledge available in RDIs of Baltic Sea Region to the manufacturing SMEs to support their competitiveness. The current areas of  expertise offered by RDIs in the network include additive manufacturing using bio based materials, material testing for bio composites, product prototyping, product design, service design , life cycle analysis, eco-branding and business model development.