Month: November 2020

Eco-innovations are supported across the EU

Writer: Deivydas Čepas | Lithuanian Business Confederation   Eco-innovation is gaining considerable support across the EU, and its underlying principles of increased efficiency, eco-friendliness, and technology development are steadily being applied to manufacturing businesses. However, many of small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) are lacking essential competencies and infrastructures. Consequently, SMEs require external support in the…
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The highest resolution materials for the most accurate SLA 3D printing technology

Writer: Vaidas Talačka | AmeraLabs AmeraLabs was founded in January 2017 with a purpose to engineer 3D printing materials that would inspire and enable the creativity of 3D printing community worldwide. The idea came 6 years ago from the personal experience of AmeraLabs founder. At that time, after developing his own SLA 3D printing, he…
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Ecological impact through product service system

Writer: Janne Pekkala | Concept designer | Muova Nowadays, many manufacturing companies are developing services in order to offer integrated sets of product and services that better satisfy customer needs. Such products-service systems (PSS) have significant ecological potential as the finished products are better utilized through complementary services. The focus is on the process and…
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