Month: June 2021

Collaborating with experts in eco-innovation

Writer: Miia Lammi, Vaasa University of Applied Sciences ECOLABNET is a network of research, development and innovation organisations, which supports companies in eco-innovation in the Baltic Sea Region. ECOLABNET acts as a transmitter of expertise and facilities to support eco-innovation in industrial small and medium-sized companies. It creates easy access to information and experts in…
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Bio-based Thermoplastics for Additive Manufacturing by Material Extrusion Method

Writers: Rathish Rajan & Simo Huhtanen | Centria | Republished from Centria bulletin Additive manufacturing (AM) is an emergent technology for manufacturing customized products. It is predicted that a large share of final products will be manufactured by AM methods in the future. The proliferation of AM brings emerging environmental problems such as emissions and…
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Estrotech – making technical educational solutions for better learning and teaching

Estrotech is a company with two main directions of activities – educational and partnership. Its’ goal is to popularize learning robotics and to help teachers teach it by providing them with the materials, know-how and equipment. The company also has the competence in customer relationships. Estrotech owns the trademark RoboMiku which is used for trading…
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