Month: December 2021

Internal development strategies to meet the needs of SMEs

Writers: CUT team The aim of the internal strategy process was to strengthen organisational competences in order to create better access to the facilities and competences related to eco-innovation. The internal strategies aimed at improving cooperation with SMEs and developing eco-innovative initiatives. The RDI partners of ECOLABNET project built their own internal development programs according…
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ECOLABNET supports eco-innovation – takeaways from the Open Eco-Innovation event

Writer Miia Lammi, Vaasa University of Applied Sciences, Design Centre MUOVA In November 16th 2021, about 140 industrial companies, RDI service providers and intermediary organisations showed their interest in eco-innovation. The online event “Open eco-innovation” exchanged knowledge and experiences and created connections for eco-innovation. The ECOLABNET project manager Miia Lammi at VAMK Design Centre MUOVA…
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