Lithuanian Business Confederation

Lithuanian Business Confederation as a business representative is implementing the main goals of its activities through established commissions with business representatives, specialists of various fields and experts. The Commission examines the issues of its fields, performs analysis of laws and other normative acts affecting various business areas, provides comments, suggestions and evaluations to the Government, other national or international organizations. Currently, there are fourteen specialized commissions at the LBC, one of them is Agribusiness Commission. The main goal of this commission is foster eco-innovations in rural areas through laws analysing, investment attracting to rural areas, agriculture modernizing and other issues.

One of this commission member is ART21, LLC. The only company in Lithuania that develops software solutions exclusively for the agriculture sector. The company specializes in the modernization of grain powers, grain processor, milk producers and vegetable growing businesses, applying precision farming and operational data management technologies. Company’s accumulated experience allows Lithuanian Business Confederation have a better understanding for needed eco-innovations in these fields.