Sustainable Innovation

Founded in 2008, Sustainable Innovation holds an unrivaled position in the Nordics to implement sustainable solutions in collaboration with leading companies, entrepreneurs and scientists. Sustainable Innovation leads the way to a more sustainable society by taking market ready eco-innovations to the general public through demonstration and scale up activities  – enabling profound change innovation for a more sustainable climate, business and life. We focus on market-ready and innovative solutions within the areas of buildings, mobility and energy systems, both nationally and internationally.

Sustainable Innovation  accomplishes this by initiating and taking the lead in both technical and non-technical demonstration projects and by supporting ecopreneurs to scale up their business. Today, many promising ideas collapse in the stage between development and commercialization. By creating a demonstration platform through the company’s extensive network of decision makers from industry, academia and the public sector, we assist ecopreneurs bridge the infamous “Valley of death”. In addition, we have formed an international platform, Xport, where we assist Swedish SME:s in establishing their business abroad.