Czestochowa University of Technology

Czestochowa University of Technology

Cooperation between two scientific units of Czestochowa University of Technology, the Faculty of Management and the Faculty of Infrastructure and Environment creates an interdisciplinary team that successfully provides advice and support for small and medium-sized enterprises in the scope of implementing eco-innovative solutions.

The Faculty of Infrastructure and Environment focusing on technical aspects develops solutions based on modern materials, including bio-degradable ones, new production technologies that consider environmental aspects, including 3D printing, indispensable while meeting domestic and EU requirements in the scope of environmental protection.

This concerns in particular the possessed experiences in the scope of introducing eco-innovations as solutions in energy enterprises and waste management.

The cooperation with the Faculty of Management creates a comprehensive attitude and provides an opportunity for small and medium-sized enterprises to acquire competences indispensable to manage eco-innovations.

Thanks to knowledge and experience of the employees of the Faculty of Management enterprises acquire advice in the form of a change implementation plan as to what steps they should take in order to base their development on innovations, create and most importantly implement them.

Employees of the Faculty of Management conduct webinars dedicated to SMEs, in the scope of implementing low-emission technologies and analyses that concern cost analysis of eco-innovative product and process investments.

Tasks commissioned by SMEs in the scope of eco-innovative implementations are carried out in Laboratories of the Institute of Advanced Energy Techologies – whose employees co-create the project team of ECOLABNET within CUT

Laboratory of atmosphere protection

Laboratory of heat processes metrology

Laboratory  of technical thermodynamics and heat technology basisc  

Laboratory of biofuels technology

Laboratory  of conventional and renewable energy

Laboratory  of fluidisation

Laboratory  of optical technologies in environmental engineering

Laboratory of flue gas and sorbents desulphurisation technology

Laboratory of metrology measurements

Laboratory of numerical technologies

Laboratory of clean technologies

Laboratory of technical analyses Laboratory of fluid boilers

Contact persons

Prof. DSc. PhD Eng. Izabela Majchrzak-Kucęba

DSc. PhD Eng. Robert Kucęba, Prof. PCz

PhD Grzegorz Chmielarz