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ECOLABNET creates easy access to expertise and laboratories related to eco-innovation. Get to know the original partners of the research, development and innovation network for ecological solutions! Learn about their expertise and ways of supporting companies. Read more about the partners in their blog posts and contact to them to build collaboration.

Muova | Vamk | Finland

Design Center MUOVA is a part of Vaasa University of Applied Sciences and collaborates with both large and small companies. Muova designs products, services and brands with customer-oriented, visual and creative way starting from an opportunity, idea or existing offering.  


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Centria | Finland

Centria University of Applied Sciences cooperates with companies on 3D printing large parts using recyclable biobased materials. Centria has testing instruments to evaluate suitability of various thermoplastic materials to 3D printing and chosen application. Centria employs fused granule fabrication (FGF) technology to print large parts.


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University of Tartu | Estonia


The University of Tartu is Estonia’s leading centre of research and training. Research at the University of Tartu focuses on subjects as diverse as medicine and philosophy, genetics and computer science. 


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Kaunas University of Technology | Lithuania


The team of Kaunas University of Technology has experience in design, synthesis and investigation of biopolymers, biodegradable polymers, and biocomposites from renewable resources. They can also help develop new technologies for the production of sustainable polymeric materials and more.


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Vilnius University | Lithuania


Vilnius University has extensive knowledge of the use of bio-based materials and 3D printing even nanoscale solutions. For example, they have developed technology for Multi-Scale Optical 3D Printing of bio-based resins.


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VIA University College | Denmark


VIA University can support and facilitate businesses in their change processes towards increased sustainability and social responsibility. Further, VIA University can provide services that draw upon its extensive knowledge and key position in the domains of textiles, fashion and lifestyle.


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Czestochowa University of Technology | Poland


The Czestochowa University of Technology provides eco-innovative solutions for companies. The university can offer access to research and development facilities and expert knowledge. Their qualified staff recognizes blooming opportunities and is ready to help innovative companies in need of financing.


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Estrotech Ltd | Estonia

Estrotech is a company with two main directions of activities – educational and partnership. Its’ goal is to popularize learning robotics and to help teachers teach it by providing them with the materials, know-how and equipment. The company also has the competence in customer relationships.


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Sustainable Innovation | Sweden


Sustainable Innovation is a hub for the market upscaling of sustainable innovations in the areas of energy and resource efficiency. Sustainable Innovation focuses on innovative and market-oriented solutions. They are driven by the practical development, demonstration and scaling up of solutions in national and international markets.


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Lithuanian Business Confederation | Lithuania


The confederation has wide variety of members representing more than 30 business associations and over 3500 companies. The main business areas of the organization are: high-tech, education and trainings, law, finance, logistics and other services. 


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AmeraLabs | Lithuania

Labsamera MB,(SME) develops and produces specialty materials for SLA 3D printing (resin 3D printing). The company also provides 3D printing services for other SMEs which includes prototyping, small-batch production and production of custom design products.


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About Ecolabnet

Aim: Network of experts offering eco-innovation services to manufacturing SMEs

Period: January 2019 - June 2021

Partner countries: Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Lithuania, Poland, Sweden

Project budget: 2.2 million


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During the project, we are searching for new partners who could offer services related to eco-innovations. If your organization wants to join the network, contact us!

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