Existing partners

ECOLABNET existing partners

The project has 11 partners as beneficiaries and 16 associated partners to support project in reaching the main goals.

Overall partnership consist of 7 RDI, 8 business support organisations, 1 public service provider & 11 SMEs. Partnership covers 6 countries in BSR: Denmark, Finland, Sweden, Estonia, Lithuania & Poland.

Associated partners are 6 business support organisations ,9 SMEs and 1 infrastructure &public service provider, who expressed their interest to the knowledge & services Ecolabnet will provide . They will support project’s team in shaping the network as service friendly as possible.

Multidisciplinarity and variability of organizations within Ecolabnet assure the hight quality and ability to address the needs of SMEs & other stakeholders.

Design Centre MUOVA

Design Centre MUOVA at VAMK Ltd. is highly experienced multidisciplinary unit specialised in product & service concept design and prototyping in close collaboration with enterprises.

Muova will be responsible for facilitating the ideation process in all chosen prototypes. Furthermore, Muova will be responsible for developing a prototype dealing with sustainable industrial product-service system.

Centria University of Technology

Centria University of Technology competencies related to the subject of this project are in bio based materials for 3D printing, plastic converting technologies and recycling. Centria will provide knowledge and manufacture small batches of required bio-based thermoplastic materials for additive manufacturing (3D printing FFF technology).

Additionally Centria will provide testing and characterization of performance of physical prototypes. Centria will also perform LCA analysis for sustainable prototypes and compare those to conventional solutions when possible.

Kaunas University of Technology

Kaunas University of Technology, Department of Polymer Chemistry & Technology group is specialized on synthesis, modification and investigation of bio-based polymers, biodegradable polymers, and biocomposites from renewable resources.

KTU will provide knowledge and perform required investigations for optimization of bio-based photocurable resin for optical additive manufacturing processes.

Vilnius University

Vilnius University The Laser Research Center research in fields of laser science: laser physics, nonlinear optics, laser spectroscopy, biophotonics, laser engineering & laser technologies.

VU will provide with expertise and additive manufacturing infrastructure for verification of biobased resin compositions for optical 3D micro- and nano-printing (lithography).

University of Tartu

University of Tartu Intelligent Materials and Systems Laboratory has expertise in computational material science, material science, robotics, chemistry, computer science & electronics.

UTartu will provide expertise in design and technology for integration of various inserts, e.g. electronic components.

VIA University College

VIA University College do research that combine creativity, technology & business skills. It focuses on sustainable business models, intercultural competencies, in- and outsourcing and export opportunities for SMEs. 

VIA will work with business strategies for further entrance of the product into market.

Czestochowa University of Technology

Czestochowa University of Technology, Faculty of Infrastructure and Environment, Faculty of Management brings knowledge of business development, environmental impact assessment & marketing.

CUT will work on assessing environmental sustainability for the products prototyped in the project.


Labsamera MB,(SME) develops and produces specialty materials for SLA 3D printing (resin 3D printing). The company also provides 3D printing services for other SMEs which includes prototyping, small-batch production and production of custom design products.

Company has a deep understanding of 3D printing technologies, material formulation and production processes. Labsamera will work closely with research partners in upscaling the manufacturing of photocurable resin, produce a prototype and tests its acceptance by the market.

Labsamera is also SMEs who will be testing and evaluating collaboration concept that the project will develop.

Estrotech Ltd

Estrotech Ltd is SME providing RDI & rapid prototyping services in areas of customized electronics design and integration into industrial & consumer products. Estrotech as SME will be involved in the value chain of prototype development by providing expertise in designing innovative services which could improve environmental sustainability of processes and products.

Lithuanian Business Confederation

Lithuanian Business Confederation as a business representative is implementing the main goals of its activities through established commissions with business representatives, specialists of various fields and experts. The Commission examines the issues of its fields, performs analysis of laws and other normative acts affecting various business areas, provides comments, suggestions and evaluations to the Government, other national or international organizations. Currently, there are fourteen specialized commissions at the LBC, one of them is Agribusiness Commission. The main goal of this commission is foster eco-innovations in rural areas through laws analysing, investment attracting to rural areas, agriculture modernizing and other issues.

One of this commission member is ART21, LLC. The only company in Lithuania that develops software solutions exclusively for the agriculture sector. The company specializes in the modernization of grain powers, grain processor, milk producers and vegetable growing businesses, applying precision farming and operational data management technologies. Company’s accumulated experience allows Lithuanian Business Confederation have a better understanding for needed eco-innovations in these fields.

Sustainable Innovation

Founded in 2008, Sustainable Innovation holds an unrivaled position in the Nordics to implement sustainable solutions in collaboration with leading companies, entrepreneurs and scientists. Sustainable Innovation leads the way to a more sustainable society by taking market ready eco-innovations to the general public through demonstration and scale up activities  – enabling profound change innovation for a more sustainable climate, business and life. We focus on market-ready and innovative solutions within the areas of buildings, mobility and energy systems, both nationally and internationally.

Sustainable Innovation  accomplishes this by initiating and taking the lead in both technical and non-technical demonstration projects and by supporting ecopreneurs to scale up their business. Today, many promising ideas collapse in the stage between development and commercialization. By creating a demonstration platform through the company’s extensive network of decision makers from industry, academia and the public sector, we assist ecopreneurs bridge the infamous “Valley of death”. In addition, we have formed an international platform, Xport, where we assist Swedish SME:s in establishing their business abroad.